Homecoming football game makes a magical night


Pariss Chami

Listed above are the scores of the first three home games.

Pariss Chami, Staff Writer

As the school year begins, so does football season. The energy of the crowd during the past three games radiated excitement. The stands were full of students and parents cheering on the team while the band played with a focused but playful energy.


The first game of the year was on Sept. 2, and even though Beverly did not win, the team tried their best. 


“They’re going to find their rhythm, and I appreciate their perseverance,” Ms. Kim Decatrel, assistant principal of instruction, (API) said. 


The bleachers were filled on this night. 


“Everybody’s out here: the band, cheer, the flags, the families, the team, the manager, the board,” Ms. Decatrel said. 


Families and students gathers in the stands, While the band performed their intro. (Pariss Chami)


The recent homecoming game took place on Sept. 23. The game was filled with halftime performances from the performing arts classes such as the band, Madrigals, Dance Company, Color guard, and cheerleaders. Each performance left the crowd amazed. 


The Dance team, instructed by Dana Findley, especially blew the socks off the crowd with their act. 


“Dance Company was incredible, they were by far the best performance,” sophomore Adina Eastman said. 


Sophomore Bradyn Prisand, a member of Dance Company, strikes a pose during the halftime dance. (Pariss Chami)


Just after Dance company finished, the cheerleaders followed with their performance. 


“[The cheerleaders’] routines are honestly super interesting, great job as usual,” sophomore Sarah lea Dahan said. 


The band played as the football teams came back out for the second half of the game. 


“The band’s amazing, they’re just doing a great job,” sophomore Sadaf Bakhtiari said. 


The band was directed by Mr. Justin Klotzle and led by Drum major Jory Kanaan, and Assistant Drum majors, Ariel Goldberg and Ari Nourmand. The Drum majors are always dancing and hyping up the crowd. 


“I’m so honored that I get to be somebody who helps lead [the band] and represent them to the school,” Kanaan said.

Drum major Jory Kanaan plays at the homecoming game.
(Pariss Chami)

The energy from both the crowd and the team picked up as the game went on, and the team started scoring points in the fourth quarter.


“It was a little low sometimes, but then it picked up,”  sophomore Ella Giroux said. 


Unfortunately, the football team has not responded to an interview. And with that, students gave their thoughts on the team. 


“They need more positivity to win,” sophomore Aunaleah Ellis said. 


Players on the sideline watch and wait for their teammates. (Pariss Chami)

Despite their past scores, the team has the rest of the season ahead of them, and it is full of opportunities to win.