Boys water polo wins against West Torrance


Zoe Kenealy, staff writer

Boys varsity water polo had its first home game of the season against West Torrance High School on Sept. 11, winning 26-6.

“Going into the game, we were pretty confident because we had played against West Torrance last year and took home a victory,” senior Justin Kim said. “With that being said, the team still had to prepare and get the heads of all the players together. As we have learned from recent years we are most successful when we are working as one team instead of individual players.”

The team lost three members who graduated with the class of 2013 which made the boys a bit nervous before playing West Torrance.

“Even though we all were pretty confident in our abilities, the fact that we had many seniors missing did make us question what the outcome of the match would be,” junior Aron Selimovic said. “In the end though, all the practices that we have been having and the dedication of everyone on the team paid off and we won as expected.”

Senior Mason Segal suffered a leg cramp in the middle of a crucial play, but was able to finish the play before being seated out for the remainder of the quarter.

“Yeah, [the leg cramp] did pose a great inconvenience for me, especially considering that the play was a really important part of our game, but I knew I needed to pull through,” senior Mason Segal said. “Even though I regret having to sit out the rest of the quarter, I am glad that I was able to at least finish off the play for my team.”

The team’s next game is away and against Redondo, on Tuesday at 3:00 p.m.