Rihanna performs at 2023 Super Bowl halftime show


Rihanna sings at the halftime show. Photo by The Rolling Stones.

Kaia Lopez and Pariss Chami

SUNDAY FEB 12– Super Bowl LVII KC v Eagles reached halftime with a score of 24-14 (Eagles up) . As the players ran off the field, and the lights dimmed,a spotlight shined on Rihanna floating on a stage 60 feet above the field as her song “B*tch Better Have My Money” began. The crowd went wild.


Rihanna and her backup dancers performed on the floating stages for the majority of her performance. Student fans were thrilled about Rihanna’s entrance. 


“I love Riri and how she just popped out,” senior Chloe Peykar said.


Rihanna stood out in her red jumpsuit, among the backup dancers wearing all white. The crowd was wowed by the dancing.


“The backup dancers were really good and they worked well together,” sophomore Elisa Bonaparte-Wyse said. “I really liked the contrast of outfits between the whites and red. It really made Rihanna pop out.”


This performance was Rihanna’s first live performance since 2018 when she sang at the Grammy Award Show. 


“Her performance after several years was really fun,” sophomore Elsa Ankri said. “She’s a really great singer and it was nice to watch. Maybe she’ll have another performance so we can see her again soon.”


One of the most memorable parts of the show was Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement revealing that baby number two is on the way. Students found it exciting that her pregnancy was confirmed through the performance. 


“Good for her! I think it’s pretty cool to announce it [her pregnancy] during her performance,” senior Rowan Horowitz said. 


Rihanna’s whole performance excited the audience and definitely did not disappoint. She left her fans with the hope for more performances in the future.