ASB holds St. Patrick’s Day event


Shayda Dadvand

Juniors Harper Flynn, Georgia Carlson and Kiki Hayles pose in their green outfits.

Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Chief

On March 17, ASB held a St. Patrick’s Day event at lunch on the second floor patio. The event was filled with guessing games, scavenger hunts and so much green. 

ASB passes out St. Patrick’s Day themed necklaces. (Shayda Dadvand)


ASB passed out gold coins and green four-leaf clover necklaces throughout lunch.


ASB also made a guessing game for students, as they decorated the table with candy-filled Tupperware’s. 

Students write down their guesses on how many candies are in each Tupperware.
(Shayda Dadvand)


“You guess [how many candies are in the Tupperware’s] now, and we’ll deliver [the candy] to your third period on Wednesday if you’re the closest,” Activities Director of ASB Nick Henggler said.


The fun didn’t stop there. ASB next held a scavenger hunt called the “Lucky Leprechaun Hunt.” Each participant was given a list of six treasures they needed to find.

Participants have to find the above items. (Shayda Dadvand)


One of the participants was sophomore Tali Goldkorn. She finished the scavenger hunt in a matter of minutes, running around the second floor patio in search of her treasures. 


Goldkorn finally pulled (ginger) junior Harper Flynn (nicely) by the arm and rushed her over to ASB’s table, completing the last task on the hunt and claiming her victory. 


“I’ve never been prouder,” Goldkorn said. “This is probably one of my biggest accomplishments.”

Sophomores Tali Goldkorn and Evan Egerman pose after Goldkorn won the Lucky Leprechaun Hunt. (Shayda Dadvand)


ASB made the holiday much more memorable to students than it would have been without the event.


“I would have forgotten St. Patrick’s Day even existed, so thanks BHHS ASB,” Goldkorn said.