Shelter-in-place, fire drill within minutes


Pariss Chami

Students gather in their designated areas to wait until the fire drill is complete. 

Kaia Lopez, Staff Writer

THURSDAY, April 27– Beverly had an unplanned shelter-in-place during the first period. From 8:49 AM to 9:16 AM, the shelter-in-place lasted 27 minutes, during which staff locked their doors and both students and staff were not allowed to leave the classroom until an all-clear was called. 

The precaution was enacted because of a  potential robbery occurring on the streets of Robbins and Moreno, right across from the school. BHPD sent a notification and the school sent students, staff and parents updates about the shelter-in-place.

After the incident was resolved with the Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD), the shelter-in-place was lifted. 

Ironically, the shelter-in-place ended 49 minutes before the planned fire drill at 10:05 AM. 

Once the fire alarm went off at its planned time, students and staff had to exit the campus, passing directly by the location of the potential robbery. Everyone had to leave the campus in order to get to the field to wait until the fire drill ended.

Students exit the campus and walk to the field with their classes. (Kate Oller)

These two events contrasted with each other, as the shelter-in-place forced everybody to stay where they were whereas the fire drill required people to exit the campus. 

These events only add to the safety concerns at Beverly. Last week, a student pulled a knife on other students in self-defense, leaving the community worried about safety at school. 

The question remains: are we safe at Beverly?