Teachers win ‘Teacher vs. Senior’ dodgeball


Hallema Bakhda

Staff and seniors pose after their annual dodgeball match.

Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Chief

On May 17, teachers and students filled the swim gym at lunch for the annual Teacher vs. Senior dodgeball game. Here were the scores:

The final scores of the Teacher v. Senior dodgeball game. Pictured: senior Frances Molina. (Pariss Chami)

Excitement filled the air during the third game, as both teams had a chance to win. 

Staff and students face each other in the final round. (Pariss Chami)

Senior and ASB member Amelia Teschner said, “I think it’s a really close game, and it’s [who the  winners will be] very up in the air.”

Senior Amelia Teschner gives her thoughts on who she thinks will win. (Shayda Dadvand)


The game was overall a teaching moment for seniors.


“I realized I have really bad aim,” senior Nava Bonyadi said.


But the game was still a great experience, according to senior Sydney Gasmer.


“I’m really glad I got chosen to play,” Gasmer said. “I’m not the best at dodgeball, but it’s really fun to play.”


The third game ended just as the bell rang, calling the end of lunch, and teachers claimed victory. 


“It was really fun to play and win against the senior class,” English teacher Rachael Kaufman said. “It would be silly if we didn’t win, because we have about 15 years of extra dodgeball experience against the seniors.”


The teachers celebrate their victory. (Pariss Chami)