Girls water polo enters the Boopocalypse


From the Sept. 27 print edition
Juliette Deutsch staff writer
The girls water polo team has began the year with an unconventional arrangement for its members this season. The team has created its own exclusive club cleverly named Boopocalypse.The pre season club, named after the team`s head coach head coach Robert Bowie, was established to create prepared, skilled and physically strong varsity and JV teams before the season begins.
Boopocalypse was started by Coach Bowie, because he wanted us to be in the right physical and mental shape before the season,” Sophomore Melissa Roberts said. “We did not have a successful season last year and he feels that this will really help us with being mentally and physically prepared,” Roberts said.
Last season ended with a loss of every game and that a change was needed.
“Our team has never had any kind of preseason practice before,” Team Captain Allie Kahn said. “This way, we will be in the ready shape for the season.” Kahn Said.
Learning how to correctly play the game and know all the rules is challenging for new members once they are already into the season. With Boopocalypse, the players will already know the basics and will be prepared for games before its too late.
“We want to make sure that everyone knows the rules of the game and, most importantly, how to play correctly. We are focusing on speed this year,” Kahn said.
Boopocalypse is required for all the new freshmen and new members of both the JV and varsity teams. As returning players focus on brushing up their technique, all new freshmen and team members must join Boopocalypse to learn the necessary skills to be an effective member of the team.
“Boopocalypse is really a great thing for the freshmen and new players not only to learn how to play the game, but to learn how to work as a team. This is also great- ly help us when the season starts. That way, we all know each others strengths and weaknesses and will be able to have good communication,” sophomore Maggie Curtis said.
Boopocalypse practices are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights in the Swim-Gym from 8:00-10:00 PM. The team will continue Boopocalypse practices until the beginning of February when the official season starts.