Film Club anticipates creation of noir for Film Festival (print)


Eunice Kim, staff writer

Film club is creating a movie as part of this year’s project. Students recently decided that the genre of their movie will be a Noire, a black and white detective film. Although the club is still finalizing the details of the plot, it will most likely be about a high school boy who falls in love. Members will decide the crew members for the play after they strengthen the plot of the story.

“We really just have been discussing plot and assigning crew,” co-president sophomore Sydney Tran said.

Isaac Spector, a president of the film club, will bring cameras. Tristan McIntyre, treasurer of film club, will be in charge of special effects through use of a green screen. Other members are discussing which equipment to bring besides the cameras.

The movie will be presented at the Film Festival, which is in February, in the Salter Family Theater.Film club advisor Pete Van Rossum believes that the film club is well organized and will be successful.