KPOP club goes extreme


Parmis Sahrapima, Web Co-Editor-in-Chief

While many clubs are run by traditional meetings that generally stay on school campuses, KPOP club takes its members through the most diverse social settings and gives them the rich experience of Asian culture. With an upcoming BEAST concert that KPOP fans are unwilling to miss, this Tuesday was a great opportunity for President Cheyenne Weinstein and Vice President Valerie Deutsch to get the members together to create posters of their favorite members from BEAST.

BEAST, a six-member South Korean boy band, has become largely famous on an international basis and has found its way into the hearts of many KPOP fans. With their Beautiful Show World Tour 2012 approaching, it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for BEAST fans to see them live here in America. And no other multiracial club sharing a common interest in music could have expressed their joy any better than KPOP members did at their meeting this Tuesday. With their posters ready to go, all they can do now is wait for BEAST’s arrival.
Getting pumped up for concerts, however, is not the only thing that KPOP club specializes in. There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to KPOP. Members have shown their appreciation of the Asian culture by attending Kollaboration, going to Koreatown and filling their stomachs with Korean BBQ and other Korean dishes.

Kollaboration was one event which KPOP club members seem to greatly cherish. As said by Deutsch, “Kollaboration is a performance contest that is supposed to be based off the expansion of asians in the entertainment industry.” As Deutsch remembers it, “there were a variety of American-Asian performers that ranged from bands to yo-yoing.
What seems to attract many people to Kpop, as said by Deutsch, is that “it is more produced from an economic standpoint. It employs more people than American pop culture due to all the performances and the actual profit from physical album sales.”
Korean entertainment industries such as S.M. Entertainment and LOEN Entertainment have been famously known for turning the most obscure people into international stars, each with their unique look and style.
“The marketing is also superb.  How they are able to engineer people and personalities to captivate fans’ hearts,” said Deutsch.
While Kpop continues to rapidly expand its influence overseas, KPOP club takes part in this action by getting the word out. Each meeting consists of different discussion topics and the most recent news on different Kpop groups. With their love for Korean culture, KPOP club continues to attract many people with its various activities and with its diverse members all brought together for one common purpose: a love for Kpop.