ASB designs new sweatshirts



Juliette Deutsch, staff writer

New year means new ASB sweatshirts. This year`s sweatshirt was inspired by the trendy “Homies” line that has become popular in the past year. The Homies line that is sold at Kitson is in turn inspired by the famous designer Hermes, which ASB took their inspiration from. To provide a twist, ASB designed the sweater to say “Normans” in a similar font and layout as the Homies one also included “Beverly Hills” below “Normans.”

“The new design of sweatshirts an interesting twist on Beverly apparel,” sophomore representative Mishelle Arakelian said. “The sweatshirt has a trendy aspect and appeals to all grade levels, which in return unifies the school, ”Arakelian said.

ASB spent days thoroughly designing the sweatshirts to make sure that they were exactly how they wanted them. However, they had help from other students in designing the final product.

“We wanted the sweaters to have different color writing for each grade level so that they could represent that class. This encourages school spirit and we got great feedback. We wanted another student outside ASB who wanted to encourage school spirit to help us with the design process,” Arakelian said.

Non- ASB member Sam Beadle was part of the design process from beginning to end.

“I was asked by members of ASB to help with put together the final design and recreate the ‘Homies’ style. I have experience with graphic design and computers so I wanted to help out. The project did not take very long, however I wanted to be meticulous and recreate the design as best as possible,” Beadle said.

However, the new sweater has received varying feedback this past month.

“I find the new ASB sweaters to be not original and not creative. They are close [copies] of the Homies [design] that is sold at Kitson, and I think that we could have come up with something better,” senior Tori Hertz said.

Despite mixed reviews, most of the sweatshirts are sold out and only 20 of each color remain.