BREAKING NEWS: Students, faculty confused by lockdown drill


At 2:10 p.m., a warbling bell resonated in the Science and Technology Center (STC) building. Confusion ensued.
Staff was informed about the lockdown drill and reviewed procedures at the faculty meeting on Monday, Oct. 28.
However, when the bell began to sound, it was inaudible on certain parts of campus and disorder spread through the halls.
In passing, Principal Carter Paysinger remarked that the STC and Main Buildings have two separate alarm systems.
Next door to the journalism room and on the second floor patio, students were being released from their sixth period classes before the end of the drill because their teachers could not hear the bells.
“I sent students back into their classrooms and told them to tell their teacher we were on a lockdown,” journalism adviser Gaby Herbst said. “As an adult in charge of students and their safety, I feel it’s very important that we resolve this as soon as possible.”
By 2:20 p.m., members of the administration, along with BHFD, were in the STC building working to settle the bell issue.
A staff email later clarified that a faulty heat sensor may have tripped the STC fire alarm. Shortly after this alarm sounded, the lockdown warble was accidentally turned on while administrators attempted to send out an “ALL CLEAR” PA announcement.
Despite confusion, all bell situations were handled professionally and order was quickly restored to classes.