Homecoming games lack student participation


As seen in the Oct. 25 issue
Juliette Deutsch, staff writer
The stands are crowded on an autumn Friday night. From behind their painted faces, students dressed from head to toe in their school colors cheer and applaud the players on the field. On the sidelines, coaches yell at their players, encouraging them to focus on their next play. In front of the action on the field, the cheerleaders continue to chant for the home team.
This classic high-school event marks the fall semester. Along with prom, Homecoming is always featured as one of the biggest events of the year. In films it is depicted as part of the quintessential high-school experience. However, at our school, Homecoming is less of a highly anticipated event, and can be experienced in a passive way. For me, Homecoming has always been somewhat exciting, but the lack of participation from students makes Homecoming an uninteresting event.
However this year, the activities that took place during lunchtime activities and the themed days such as pajama day and gender blender have been receiving participation from both the nominees and regular students. However, I think that there is still not enough participation from everyone in the lunchtime events. To make Homecoming the movie-style event that is exciting for students, everyone should get involved and participate for this one week out of the year. Besides dressing up for the themed days, students need to walk to the front lawn and support the nominees or participate as much as possible in the events that are taking place that day.
To make our Homecoming similar to the ideal one, students needed to actively participate in the daily games, themed days and attend the Friday night game. This would have created an atmosphere where we could come together as a whole and show that we have school spirit. Every student should attend tonight’s game and show their support for our football team as well as the nominees, cheer and band.
ASB has done a great job throughout this week in choosing interesting themes for each day, such as gender blender and work out Wednesday. This gives a variety to the typical activities that could have been expected. To add, hard work and thought were put into Tuesday’s assembly, beginning the excitement for this week’s sporting events and lunch games. Now, it is our turn to engage in tonight’s activities to create this ideal Homecoming that is envisioned and planned by ASB.