Rubenstein offers technology help for teachers


Eunice Kim, staff writer
Tech Talks, created by English teacher Dr. Steven Rubenstein, were designed for faculty members to learn about technology and to broaden their skills. Rubenstein started his Tech Talks when he became Tech TOSA (teacher on special assignment). Rubenstein was given a technology classroom by PTSA which is located in the science and technology center.

“My job as a Tech TOSA is to provide support for learning and coming up with the ideas about using technology,” Rubenstein said.

Each Tech Talk covers a variety of subjects. Some include using Jupiter Grades and Juno; sharing educational games; organizing a to-do list and using the Cloud, an online storage system. Teachers who attend Tech Talks often find the program very useful.

“This program is what got me to start upping the technology in my classes. When I saw all the cool things that people were doing with Mac, it made me think that I wanted to switch [to a different computer]. It exposes me to all kinds of applications and technology uses that I hadn’t known before,” English teacher Julie Goler, one of the first Tech Talk attendees, said.

Teachers who were unfamiliar with technology were able to broaden their knowledge with Tech Talks.

“I’ve been attending Tech Talks since last year,” Spanish teacher Susan Schneider said.  “[Since attending Tech Talks] I have been able to communicate better with parents and students through the guidance facilitated at Tech Talk.”

Tech Talks are available every Tuesday for teachers. Currently, Tech Talks have five to eight regularly attending members and Rubenstein encourages others to join.