ASB election votes in junior president, others


As seen in the Dec. 16 print edition
Mabel Kabani, print editor-in-chief
Though campaigning had started weeks in advance, the polls to vote for ASB (Associated Student Body) spring elections opened on Tuesday, Dec. 10 and ended Thursday, Dec. 13. Unlike in previous years, voting took place on Juno, rather than the eduBallot.
“Voting on Juno is so much more convenient,” senior Paloma Bloch said. “It’s so much easier to click the links to Juno that candidates post on social media sites rather than log in on eduBallot.”
Senior Allie Kahn, newly elected ASB Treasurer, agrees with Bloch and emphasizes the importance of social media in campaigning.
“Social media is an amazing way to reach people that you can’t reach out to and speak to in person,” Kahn said.
Junior Josh Schenk, newly elected ASB President, also attributes his victory to his ability to contact various individuals via social media.
“In my campaign, I made sure to reach out to every grade and every person as much as I possibly could,” Schenk said. “For the week of campaigning and the week of voting, all of my lunchtime was spent getting to know all the students on campus.”
Schenk elaborates on his goals as second semester ASB president, which focus primarily on making sure that students feel like they have a say in the school.
“I want to make sure that no student feels like they are on the outside of the school looking in on the decisions that are made for the future of their school and community,” Schenk said. “ASB wants to connect all of the different groups on campus and work towards school spirit, involvement and enjoyment.”
Sophomore Isaac Spector, newly elected commissioner, “hoped to work together with Schenk and create videos that would increase school spirit and promote ASB as a student body organization that would proudly represents BHHS.”
Senior Gabriel Bogner won the position of Senior Treasurer, though he isn’t currently enrolled in the school.
“I’m coming back from taking a semester of school off because I’ve had many surgeries,” Bogner said. “I still basically had to come to school on certain days and attend ASB meetings and fill out forms, even when I wasn’t really enrolled.”

 Though Bogner has previously held positions on ASB, he believes this year will be different due to the fact that he will now be on Head Row.
“I always felt like I’ve had a big influence in ASB, but I’m excited to now be one of the actual leaders of the class,” Bogner said. “As treasurer, I mostly manage finances and approve clubs…I’ll be working closely with Trish on senior apparel, and through my position, I’m really excited to help make Beverly a better place.”
Newly elected ASB members will begin their terms starting Jan.6, the first day of the Spring Semester.