Formal dance to go down at Confidential


As seen in the Dec. 16 print edition
Jessica Lu, spotlight editor
For the first time, Winter Formal is confidential, that is, at Confidential LA on Beverly Drive on Thursday, Dec. 19.
Associated Student Body (ASB) President Leili Hashemi teamed up with fellow ASB representatives and Assistant Principal Amy Golden to choose a new venue along with implementing other changes to Winter Formal.
ASB Advisor Mark Mead explained ASB’s overall goal.
“It’s hard to have a really explicit vision, having never done this, but, we want it to be classy,” Mead said.
Confidential LA fit the description because it was “clean, nice and decently sophisticated,” according to Mead. It has the added bonus of being local, which may lower the cost of transportation for students. In previous years, Winter Formal was at Key Club on Sunset.
“The biggest change that was made was the location,” Hashemi said. “The new location is a much different environment from years past, so that is something that is making this year unique. I’m interested to see how this new location, Confidential LA, is going to be.”
To further stress the value of having ASB membership, the price gap between members and non-cardholders has risen to $20.
“We did consider 40 and 50 as the [prices], but it seems to me very fair to offer [kids with ASB] a lower price,” Mead said.
Factors that go into the cost per ticket include the venue, security and the management of unexpected events.
Mead recounted that a few years ago a student broke an object in the bathroom and ASB had to pay for the damage.
“I don’t consider the price to be a barrier because most athletes and many students already have ASB [cards],” senior Eli Eshaghian said.
In addition to changes in location and price, the time frame for the dance has shifted an hour earlier so that it starts at 7 p.m. Mead believes the time change might be addressing administrative concerns, like chaperone availability.
Both identified the After-Formal party as another potential reason to start the dance earlier.
“It’ll be disappointing if people leave at eight to get to their after-party,” he said. “[But] I know these [parties] exist. I have nothing against them, as long as people are responsible and legal.”
Sophomore Treasurer Justin Friedman hopes the changes taken into effect will keep students at Winter Formal for a longer period of time.
“I think our students will appreciate the new developments to our traditional event and therefore be prompted to stay longer,” he said.
For now, ASB will focus on sales and making sure things at the dance run smoothly.
“The biggest challenge is not knowing how formal is going to turn out,” Hashemi said. “But [we’re] really trying to reach out to all the grades and make everyone feel welcome to come to formal. It’s an event that is more fun when everyone is there.”
Mead said that in the future, the date of the dance may continue to be debated among ASB members.
“To me, it makes sense, you go home, take a shower, you look good and you go out with your friends to celebrate the break,” Mead said.
Yet others argue that some students will be out of town or tired from school since the event is right after finals. For now, the date is still Dec. 19.