ASB’s goals following election


The 2012 ASB members were elected on Thursday Jan. 19. Following the election, ASB’s goals are to work on filling up the open spots with candidates who lost in the election, and to get students more involved in lunchtime activities.

“Our first thing is working on the commissioner elections,” Head Row Secretary Anton Saleh said. “In ASB if you don’t win elections you can apply for a certain commisionership and head row will look at the applications. Our biggest thing right now is to pick the right kids to be in the class.”
Junior Talia Banayan lost her election, but is planning on applying for a commissionership.
“I am applying to be a commissioner because I still want to be a part of ASB, and if I’m chosen, I would like to see a lot more involvement from BHHS students,” Banayan said.

A commisionership has always been very competitive, but this year the competition is even harder. ASB has a lot of returning members running for a commisionership, and many other qualified first-timers are apply too.

“This year in particular we have 10-12 freshman all very qualified, and it’s the hardest part of being on head row because we have to make theses decisions. There are a lot of people who expect to come back back into ASB, but this year they may not be able to,” Saleh said.

The biggest goal for ASB this semester is to get the student body more involved. In the past student turn out to school events has fallen slightly. ASB is hoping to make the events more appealing so every students attends.

“You’re going to see a lot of spirit coming on the front lawn. We have a whole list, going from dodge-ball tournaments, to couple’s game, Junior-Senior week and a lot more,” Saleh said.

Another idea for the upcoming semester is Hallowspring. On Hallowspring students will dress up as if it were Halloween, but instead of taking place in October, the holiday will take place some time during the spring.

“Right now Hallowspring is just an idea, but it would be very unique event. It would be something only Beverly does,” Saleh said.