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Seek Support Month, depicted above, is hosted by NormanAid as its first themed month of the year.

Seek Support Month aims to discuss mental health

Highlights September 24, 2019

Emma Newman staff writer NormanAid, during September’s Seek Support Month, hopes to show students that asking for help should not be frowned upon, and that students at Beverly can always get mental...

While walking around the front lawn, students offer supportive words to those suffering from mental health issues.

Mental Health Awareness Day sheds light on suicide prevention and mental health

Highlights November 9, 2015

Jason Harward, staff writer Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds. More teens die from suicide, which is treatable through medicine and/ or counseling, than from AIDS, birth...

On-campus resources seek to prevent suicide

Highlights December 13, 2014

Lucas Harward, staff writer Suicide is an issue in today’s world, especially among adolescents. Teenagers are in the middle of a complex developmental phase, so any stressor’s effect is expanded....

On the receiving end: senior Justin Kim enters his fourth year at Teen Line

Highlights February 7, 2014

Dani Klemes, web editor-in-chief Off-days are typical for any adolescent--in fact, they’re almost expected. But for the days that cannot be cured by a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and a listen-through of...

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