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Jonathan Cristall wrote What They Dont Teach Teens, a book about skills to enhance safety for teenagers. His website contains more biographical information about Cristall and his book

Los Angeles Prosecutor speaks about digital safety, sexual consent on NormanAid monthly podcast

Highlights December 3, 2020

Los Angeles Prosecutor, Beverly alum (class of 1990) and author of What They Don’t Teach Teens Jonathan Cristall spoke on NormanAid's monthly “Make Today Well Lived” Podcast for November’s digital...

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TikTok addiction palpable among users

Highlights April 6, 2020

Candice Anvari staff writer TikTok is overwhelmingly the most popular social media platform among teens, but the app’s addictive propensity is a downside to its mind-boggling success. If the app were...

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Society’s focus on grades, college admission hurts high school students

Highlights January 1, 2020

Emma Newman staff writer  As college acceptance rates plummet to an all-time low, more and more students across the country are feeling pressure to get into high-ranking colleges.  As 88...

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Living in and through the twenty-first century

Highlights October 26, 2019

Leia Gluckman staff writer In an age where technology is on the rise and where teens are more politically engaged, Generation Z is being raised in a fast-changing and frightening world. The Baby Boomers...

Body confidence impacts students at high school, causing struggles

Body confidence impacts students at high school, causing struggles

Highlights October 25, 2019

Emma Newman staff writer Candice Anvari staff writer Sophomore Warren Jacobson wasn’t born self-conscious. After hearing other people insult him behind his back, his struggles with body confidence...

Senior leads Jewish international organization

Senior leads Jewish international organization

Highlights February 14, 2017

Lauren Hannani staff writer Many teenagers meet their friends through Instagram or Snapchat, but senior Noah Lee meets his friends through United Synagogue Youth (USY) by travelling around the country...

Bianca Foundation teaches students life lessons

Bianca Foundation teaches students life lessons

Highlights February 17, 2016

Lauren Hannani staff writer Since forming into a club this semester, the Bianca Foundation gives students a chance to talk to their peers about topics that most teenagers can relate to, such as parent...

Norman perceptions of social media

Highlights March 26, 2015

Evan Minniti cub writer Through the rise of the smartphone, social networking sites have had a huge impact on America’s teenage population. According to a recent Nielsen survey, 58 percent of American...

Coffee popularity increases among adolescents

Highlights January 20, 2015

Lucas Harward, staff writer In recent years, a new trend has caught fire and captivated the adolescent population: coffee. Young people are currently the fastest growing population of coffee drinkers,...

Stop smoking, get healthy

Highlights May 29, 2014

 Lolita Gorbacheva, cub writer Teens all over the world smoke, and hurt the insides of their bodies. Many try to quit, but their surroundings push them into smoking and influences ruin their health. “I...

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