Stop smoking, get healthy


 Lolita Gorbacheva, cub writer
Teens all over the world smoke, and hurt the insides of their bodies. Many try to quit, but their surroundings push them into smoking and influences ruin their health.

“I tried to quit at least five times but every time I am with friends who smoke, they persuade me to do it and I keep doing it,” anonymous freshman said.

There are other teens who understand the affects of smoking, so they don’t start.

“Smoking ruins your future and health. It gives you acne and it is not even worth trying,” freshman Timaj Khalifa said.
There are also teens who for a while find smoking interesting and fun but then realize the effects and decide to stop.2nd PIKTOCHART
“I quit because it is a turnoff, it is disgusting, and it tastes bad after a while. I finally realized that I was smoking for popularity and after a period of time I found myself surrounded by a group of smokers, thats not what I wanted,” anonymous freshman said.
There are many different ways and methods to stop smoking. Many people can’t do it alone so they ask professionals for help. Dealing with the temptation is the hardest part to stop smoking, so today there is more and more things that can keep smokers busy and off cigarettes.
“I started smoking when I started to work, and ever since I have aged faster, lost teeth, and got many different types of acne on my face. Now, I am trying to quit but it is very hard because all my friends are smokers and I am so used to it,” anonymous women said.

Due to many anti-smoking commercials and advertisements, people get more persuaded to stop. Smoking, doesn’t just harm the person smoking, but also people who inhale the smoke periodically. Students make the choice to exercise and eat well, to keep in shape and relaxed then to start smoking.