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Coping with anxiety: students share their experiences

Natasha Dardashti staff writer Lauren Hannani culture editor Disclaimer: Some names were changed in this article to protect sources and provide anonymity. Being in control has always been important to Jules. Whether it’s through her rigorous courses or achievement in hobbies, Jules has always been able to manage a workload typical to a high achieving […]

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Going to college? Think out of state

Juliette Deutsch co-editor-in-chief Keith Stone opinion editor Getting out of state for college is one of the most important experiences that any student can have. The opportunity to travel and spend four years of one’s life out of the bubble that s/he grew up in is invaluable. Stripping away the safety net in which they have been […]

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Sophomore library employee experiences school job

Lauren Hannani staff writer For most of us, the library serves as a place where we can rely on for some books, studying time, computers or even silence. But for sophomore Mallory Azziz working behind the desk, the library is more than just a quiet study place at school. As a student employee, Azziz helps […]

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WASC comes with a sting

Nirav Desai, staff writer Veronica Pahomova, staff writer The Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC) visited on March 14 for a mid-term evaluation. Three years ago, this association gave us a six year accreditation with a three-year follow-up. According to Principal Dave Jackson and several other faculty and students, this recent follow-up visit, which determines […]

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Due to lack of funds, Beverly construction postponed

Keith Stone staff writer Vivian Geilim staff writer The School Board recently decided to temporarily table the construction plans at Beverly in order to focus financial resources on completing the construction at Horace Mann, the first phase of construction at El Rodeo and some minor repairs at Beverly Vista. The money will also be diverted […]

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As year ends, students share input on success

 Nirav Desai, cub writer Exhausted teachers enter final exams into gradebooks, anxious underclassmen endlessly refresh Jupiter Ed and aspiring college-bound seniors frame acceptance letters onto walls across Beverly Hills as the school year culminates in the annual teeter-totter between failure and success. Success, an aspect of life that garners particular significance at Beverly amid an […]

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Student hacker strikes against Beverly

Keith Stone cub writer Students at Beverly have come to know these seven words very well. You are not connected to the Internet. These words have become a constant curse seen many times over the course of the last few months, making something very clear: a hacker at Beverly, is consistently crashing the school’s Internet and […]

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Pop Quiz Pandemonium: Are pop quizzes really that effective?

Michelle Banayan, news editor “Okay students, clear your desks.  We are having a pop quiz!” The pop quiz: for students, it’s their worst nightmare. For teachers, it’s an age-old technique; one intended to keep their pupils on their toes and make sure they are completing all of their assignments. After all, if students are doing […]

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