Sophomore library employee experiences school job



Lauren Hannani staff writer
For most of us, the library serves as a place where we can rely on for some books, studying time, computers or even silence. But for sophomore Mallory Azziz working behind the desk, the library is more than just a quiet study place at school.
As a student employee, Azziz helps librarian Karen Boyarsky with lending people textbooks, helping students with computers and printing, and giving her best book recommendations.  Every day since the beginning of the school year, Azziz has spent her lunch time taking a break from stressful work for an hour.
“My schedule itself at school is very busy all the time, so the fact that I add the library to my schedule is a nice extracurricular thing that just takes my mind off of the day,” Azziz said. “It’s just muscle memory now; I can shelve books or unpack boxes for new book arrivals and it’s not something that I have to think about. It’s a nice time away from my hectic day of studying.”
However, standing behind the desk as a source of assistance at the library was not always so relaxing and familiar for Azziz.
“My first day was not like any of the days I have now. It was really interesting because kids were like, ‘Could you please give me the textbook now?’ and I would have to hurry,” Azziz said. “I actually looked like a freshman. That’s how I felt the very first day on campus.”
But now that she knows exactly what to do or where to go to find something, Azziz has the chance to help her classmates and also watch them act a different way than she is used to seeing on a daily basis.
“I get the experience of working with a lot of different people because this school is so diverse, including many different attitudes,” Azziz said. “I find it interesting when people get their phone taken away at the library because they often refuse to give it to [the library staff], so it’s really interesting to see that side of a person…they get their phone taken away and become this really defensive person.”
Although there are some students who come off as defensive, Azziz enjoys meeting students who appreciate her time and help every day at the library.
“I like it when I help a student with something and then they’ll automatically say thank you because, believe it or not, that is not every kid that walks into the library,” Azziz said. “My favorite part is when I see that kid every day that’s studying and trying to do his homework, and he or she will come over and ask for a textbook and they’ll say thank you with a smile. That just makes my day.”
Since Azziz does not have plans to work at the library next year, she encourages students to apply for this competitive job next year.
“It’s a great opportunity and a great way to just learn some things that you didn’t know, like the databases or computers, and just a great way to get close to your faculty,” Azziz said. “I think it’s a great way to learn about people and I encourage people to apply for the job next year if they want to make a little money and learn more about their school. It’s a great way to spend lunch every day.”