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Free food shouldn’t be offered by clubs as incentive for organizing meetings

Evan Minniti staff writer Clubs provide an important service for students on campus. They introduce students to new causes, new opportunities. They can help fundraise for charities, set up interesting events, set up jobs or internships, and teach students new ideas. With that said, it seems that many clubs prefer to entice people to come […]

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Clubs work toward success

Lauren Hannani culture editor Club flyers: they’re everywhere. Whether the meetings involve raising money for a cause or watching anime during lunch, there seems to be a club for almost every kind of hobby or interest. Club Day is one of the most crowded events of the year, bringing together over 115 clubs and countless students every […]

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Teachers, students reach for their personal best

Desiree Gonzalez cub writer Brian Harward cub writer Mikaela Rabizadeh cub writer Whether it is reaching an academic goal, maintaining a social status or simply walking across the stage at graduation, success in high school is not limited to any one definition. As an educational institution, the district recognizes that each student has a different […]

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Success appears in all forms

Keith Stone, Cub writer Vivian Geilim, Cub writer Students all over the world have varied views of what constitutes success, but at Beverly, the ideas of success are more diverse than most. Success is defined as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals. At Beverly however, students’ goals […]

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As year ends, students share input on success

 Nirav Desai, cub writer Exhausted teachers enter final exams into gradebooks, anxious underclassmen endlessly refresh Jupiter Ed and aspiring college-bound seniors frame acceptance letters onto walls across Beverly Hills as the school year culminates in the annual teeter-totter between failure and success. Success, an aspect of life that garners particular significance at Beverly amid an […]

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Junior dives into Olympic trials

  Lauren Hannani, cub writer Sydney Tran, cub writer As the Olympic games of 2016 approach, one particular student dives into practice in order to qualify in the global sporting event. Training and competing her way to the competition, junior Amy Okada hopes to earn a spot on the United States Olympic swim team next […]

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