The Hills Have Eyes (1/20-1/24)


Every week, we speak to students about what is going on in their lives inside and outside Beverly.

“A lot of people are really surprised when they find out that I am Persian because I have light hair and light skin. It is really funny when people speak in Farsi around me thinking I can’t understand them.”

“I moved here last August from New Zealand and I absolutely love it. There aren’t many beaches in New Zealand so its great having Santa Monica beach and Malibu in close proximity and of course the weather here is amazing.”

“On game days all the players on boys basketball are required to wear formal attire to school. When I am wearing these clothes I feel electric and I get pumped up for the game.”

“It is my eighteenth birthday today. I really was not expecting all these balloons but I appreciate it so much.”

~Brenda Mehdian, staff writer