Dan Moroaica: rockstar


Matthew Leib, Cub Writer
Dan Moroaica, teacher of AP U.S. History as well as U.S. History, lives a double life. As far as every parent knows he is just a history teacher, but his students know a whole other side of him. He participates in a rock band.
Moroaica has been playing with his band, Cirkumvent, since 1996. He plays a variety of instruments for the band.
“I play guitar, bass and drums, but primarily guitar and bass. I’ve been playing both instruments since I was 13 years old, so 18 years or so,” says Moroaica.
Moroaica, as well as the other members of the band all perform other tasks other than just playing music.
“We are pretty much equal in power in the band, but I am the main songwriter,” claims Moroaica.
The students get a kick out of the fact that they have a teacher who is a member of a rock band. Junior Oliver Gallop, a student in Moroaica’s AP U.S. History class. Gallop believes that Moroaica’s music assists in the quality of learning that takes place in the classroom. Moroaica will play songs for the class to illustrate certain parts of history.
“The James K. Polk song helped us learn more about the election of 1844,” says Gallop.
Although Gallop was impressed with Moroaica’s classroom performance, he was not content with just that. Gallop hopes to see him perform outside of school as well.
Gallop said, “I would definitely make the trip to see him play live and with his band. I am curious to see if he would be any different outside of school.”

With all the work it takes to teach three AP classes, it is good to see Moroaica still has a way to escape from the working world, and have fun doing it.
Moroaica said there were three things he enjoyed most about being in a band, “Playing music that I write, playing with my old high school friends, and rocking out a crowd.”
The students love Moroaica’s musical talents and enthusiasm, and are always waiting for his next in-class performance.