Koresh, substitute teacher or online business mastermind



Pasha Farmanara, Web Editor-in-Chief
If a student ever walks into class and sees Gil Koresh, they should expect a long introduction where he discusses his interests. His most popular interests are Xbox, movies, the Lakers, and fantasy basketball. However, one hobby many students are not aware of is Koresh’s successful eBay business that he runs from home.
Koresh says he owes his prosperity to genetics; he gets his business sense from his mother.
“It makes my mom proud because she was a businesswoman in Beverly Hills, the Senior Vice President of HSBC Bank… so I have it in my genes. It makes her happy,” Koresh said.
When describing his business, Koresh revealed he gets inventory from creative sources, having to get the least expensive items possible.
“The main goal is to buy it for as cheap as possible, and sell it for as high as possible. I mostly find the items at local garage sales,” Koresh explained.
For example, this past week Koresh bought 22 pairs of True Religion jeans for $220.00, and has already sold five of them, for as high as $150.00.
“I have fun with it, its a great way to get outside,” Koresh reasoned.
When students hear about Koresh’s business ventures, he gets mixed reactions. Some feel he is too nice to be a witty businessman, but others feel that Koresh has the right attitude for the job.
“He doesn’t seem like that kind of guy, he seems too laid back to do something so frantic sounding,” junior Steven Turnbull said.
Although Turnbull feels this way, junior Dillan Watts feels as if it suits him.
“I can imagine Koresh having an online business, he seems smart and very tech-savvy,” Watts said.
The eBay business takes up a large part of Koresh’s weekend, but those hours are enough to bring in $2,000 per month.
Koresh feels if anyone puts in the work to start an eBay business, they can be successful.
“Anybody can go and do it, they just need to know what they are doing. When I see something, I can search how much it’s worth, and see if I can make some money off of it. Its pretty simple, just have to devote time,” Koresh said.