The teacher and the adventurer


Daniel Cohen, Cub Writer
Barbara Bader, an English teacher, has been teaching for approximately 17 years at various schools. All of her students know she loves reading and writing. But what most don’t know is what she does on her free time.
“I would say she likes to relax on her free time,” says Daniel Aryanpanah, freshman who takes her English class.
“Ms. Bader probably spends her time reading,” says Shana Memmi, another freshman taking her English class.
Other than her average activities adults do, Bader is actually a very outdoor and outgoing person. She surfs, hikes, bikes, and travels around the world.
“I grew up on the beach, so it was natural to me to surf,” says Bader who learned to surf at age six.
Bader also enjoys traveling. She has been to almost every country in Europe. From Austria to France, to Italy, and even the Czech Republic. She has also journeyed to Alaska, Australia, and many other exotic locations. She hikes at all of the locations she has explored.
“My most memorable hike was in some islands off the northern coast of Scotland. The scenery was so beautiful,” says Bader.
Bader also enjoys hiking because of the wide opportunities to see organic landscapes. Additionally, she gets to spend time with her friends and family while doing something she loves.
“Its more fun when you have people who know and like with you; its the joy of being with them,” says Bader as her face lightens up.
With all these outdoor activities, it is clear that Bader is not your average English teacher, but an individual who takes advantage of life and all the splendor it holds for us.
“Its the feeling of freedom of being in nature and not being in a car. It makes life more authentic than being in the stressful urban setting,” says Bader.