ASB prepares for homecoming


Lucas Harward, staff writer
ASB is currently planning for homecoming week set to begin on Oct. 13, with the homecoming football game occurring on Friday Oct. 18. Among other duties, ASB members are organizing the spirit week, tailgate and after-party.
ASB advisor Mark Mead is confident with ASB’s current position in the preparation process.
“We’re ahead of last year’s schedule,” Mead said. “We have a variety of assignments going on as we speak. Kids are filming sports. They’re filming grade level events. Working on decorations. And probably most difficult, working on the events for the week.”
ASB is also looking to use the early start to the school year to their advantage. Mead noted that ASB is using the extra time to get more groups, like Dance Company and the Marching Band,  involved with the homecoming theme. Both groups will add to the fiesta’s mood with performances at the homecoming assembly and football game halftime show.
Junior ASB member Debbie Lee has high hopes for what will be accomplished.
“I think students will definitely see a big improvement in the homecoming assembly. I am personally directing and in charge of executing this assembly, and I have already started to plan the logistics for the assembly,” Lee said. She also noted that ASB is still focusing on brainstorming and that the execution of the ideas will come in the near future.
And with high expectations for homecoming, one cannot forget about the event’s main purpose: a football game.
“The football team looks enthusiastic, which is great,” Mead said. “So they’ve got their own spirit and hopefully we just latch onto that a little bit and I’m hopeful the spirit keeps going and getting better.”
For anybody else who wants to get involved with homecoming, or simply has an idea of how to make it better, Mead encourages those people to come speak to him. For any sports teams or clubs that want to be involved in the homecoming assembly on Oct. 14, tryouts will be held on Sept. 30.
“They have to have a script on paper to show, they need to look like they’ve practiced at least a little bit, and not everyone will get in, so it should be pretty good,” Mead said.

ASB members Paige Dubelko, Alanna Schenk and Justin Friedman lead the class in homecoming preparations.