KIWIN’s Club helps community, hopes to improve next year



Pasha Farmanara, Web Co-Editor-in-Chief

In today’s world, it’s rare to find people willing to help out their community without any reward in return.  For anyone interested in helping out his or her community joining KIWIN’S may be a good choice.

Every school’s KIWIN’S club turns into a family. Students are able to help their community, but at the same time they get to meet kids from other schools and take part in fun activities.

KIWIN’S is not only a club, but also a community. There are over 50 KIWIN’S clubs in the states of California, Nevada and Hawaii.

“KIWIN’S is like a family, made up of students with the same interest of giving back to the community and establishing a positive, active role in society,” President Joanne Kim said.

Each individual school branches out to make their local communities a better place by doing various services.

“So far this year the club has participated in helping out with walks to spread awareness AIDs and cancer, as well as cleaning up the shoreline Santa Monica Beach numerous times,” Vice President Paul Park said.

The beach cleanups are the most common activity. Club members head over to Santa Monica to pick up trash, and gain community service hours.

“The cleanup made me feel helpful, but it was fun at the same time since it was with my friends,” KIWIN’S member Rachel Lee said.

Many members, like Lee, feel that doing community service with their friends makes it more fun and enjoyable, and that is a major advantage KIWIN’s offers. Doing community service alone may not be as enjoyable and fulfilling as participating in a group.

This year, KIWIN’s didn’t accomplish everything they hoped. Beverly usually had the smallest turnout at events, and many group members failed to come out to any activities. Park hopes he can change that next year.

“Next year, I am hoping that members will be much more active and enthusiastic than they were this year, and nothing really needs to stay the same. Everything is open to change,” Park said.