‘The Theory of Everything’ gives love new meaning


Lolita Gorbacheva, staff writer
“The Theory of Everything” was awe-inspiring, majestic, sumptuous and delightful. The film was nominated for five Academy Award nominations, including Best Actor for Eddie Redmayne.

Photo by JFGryphon/FLICKR
Photo by JFGryphon/FLICKR

A heartwarming yet heartbreaking journey, “The Theory of Everything” paints the beauty of a tragic love story. The film was marked by picturesque cinematography, as well as brilliant performances by Felicity Jones (Jane Hawking) and Redmayne (Stephen Hawking). Redmayne’s degeneration was all-too-real, capturing Hawking’s struggle and strife.
This film is for everyone, for people who want to rediscover the extent of love or for those who merely need a reminder. Or simply for a good cry.
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