“Better Call Saul” finally arrives


Ben Shofet, graphics editor 
Finally, the moment has arrived! After two years of dreadfully waiting, the spin-off of arguably one the the greatest dramas of all time, “Breaking Bad”, has arrived. “Better Call Saul” finally made it to our screens, and with it, a record breaking 6.9 million views during its premiere on Feb. 7.
In the opening scene, there was a feeble Saul Goodman, now known as Jim McGill, managing a Cinnabon in Nebraska. And if you remember, back in “Breaking Bad” he mentioned that he’d be lucky if in a couple of months he’d be managing a Cinnabon in Nebraska.
The highly anticipated premier proved to be just as exciting as Breaking Bad with the shocking return of Tuco Salamanca and Mike Ehrmantraut in the days before their interactions with the notorious Heisenberg. And these two characters are not the only things that carried over from “Breaking Bad.”
There were plenty of other in the pilot, from McGill’s iconic Cadillac to the nail salon through which Jesse Pinkman once laundered his money. These references are not only sure to please Breaking Bad fans, but solve the unanswered questions left over from the show.
“Better Call Saul”might not be as action-packed as Breaking Bad, but it is surely as captivating as “Breaking Bad”. McGill’s charisma makes the show very dialogue-oriented. In the scene where he was planning his infamous ‘Slippin Jimmy Act,’ McGill’s way with words is present as he said, “I’m number one on your speed dial, right next to your weed dealer.” This is the type of dialogue that captivates millions into watching “Better Call Saul”. This is the type of dialogue that will continue to reappear throughout the show.
“Better Call Saul”will not be about violent drug affairs in the New Mexican desert, nor will it be about the secretive affairs within a family. “Better Call Saul”will be about the comedic but droll transformation of a young James McGill into a devious Saul Goodman, and it will be great.