Color Wars enjoys improved turnout


Cole Plante watching the games at Color Wars 2015. Photo by: KAREN SHILYAN.


Lucas Harward, staff writer
The annual Color Wars, hosted and planned by ASB, occurred on March 24 in the Swim Gym. This year, the seniors came out on top.
The event was comprised of various games, from limbo to balloon stomp to pushball. The objective of all four grades was to win the most games and earn points.
“[The seniors] had the strongest showing out of the four grades, so we were able to get people who could do really well in all the different events,” senior ASB member Paige Dubelko said.
While the seniors usually have a strong presence at Color Wars, ASB attempted to encourage more participation from the three other grades.
“In the past, Junior/Senior Night has occurred around this time and Color Wars landed around the end of the school year, where finals and AP tests are abundant,” Dubelko said. “We were trying to get the biggest crowd possible, so we thought by moving Color Wars away from end-of-the-year stress, we could achieve that.”
Junior ASB member Blake Ackerman believes that this was a successful approach to the event.
“The turnout was much better than last year’s, and, although I would’ve liked to see more kids there, the ones who came had fun,” Ackerman said.
Other ASB members were not so positive about how the event turned out.
“I had fun, it’s a shame that so many others didn’t. People started rolling in as the event got started, but I really wish that we had an impact on more kids,” sophomore ASB member Noah Lee said. “In ASB we challenge ourselves to think about our constituents, and I personally don’t believe enough constituents were impacted to consider this a successful event.”
Lee cited various obstacles that made it difficult for ASB to carry out a noteworthy event; however, he is confident with their direction.
“I thought that the event itself was very successful, but we were lacking in publicity and timing,” Lee said. “We were unable to do Color Wars on our original date because of a swim meet, which was unfortunate, but we did what we could’ve done with the situation and moved forward.”
ASB Director Mark Mead believes that the kids who went “had a blast”, but is always looking to improve on the spirit shown at school events.
“Next year we might be able to choose a more optimal time and date, but things happen with the calendar, so we make it work no matter what. So, one thing is to work on a perfect situation of time and opportunity for teachers and kids to come,” Mead said. “And, obviously, we want to continue to try to increase the number of kids who feel like they want to come.”
Below is a slideshow of the event: