Model UN tackles Northwestern University conference



Lucas Harward, staff writer
Model UN traveled to Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, over spring break to take part in a nationwide conference. Over 52 schools from across the country competed.
The members of the club who made the trip, which lasted for three days, along with club advisor Malia Frutschy were freshman Tessa Rudolph, freshman Donya Pollack, junior Phillip Mozer, freshman Mateo Hanley, senior Garrett Foreman, senior Michelle Adams and senior Andrew Park.
Park found certain events during this particular conference made it stand out from others he has attended.
“One of the most interesting aspects of the conference was the ‘midnight crisis’ where members were dragged out of their hotel rooms at 12:30 a.m. to prevent simulated nuclear attacks or assassinations,” Park said.
Park had a very positive experience overall and is very happy with how his fellow members approached the conference.
“Though we did not have many members compared to other schools, we were able to stick together and experience intense debates within our own committees, making our first out-of-state conference a successful one,” Park said. “At these conferences we experience something much greater than just foreign policy and possible nuclear destruction, creating the shared interest and connection of the BHMUN family.”
Model UN Vice President Aaron Boudaie expressed his pride in the small group representing Beverly Hills.
“I am extremely proud of the Beverly Model UN delegation that went to Northwestern University and represented our school and club so well,” Boudaie said.