Better Call Saul: Recap and Reload




 Isaiah Freedman staff writer
“Better Call Saul”, a prequel spinoff series of the hugely popular “Breaking Bad”, is premiering its second season in February 2016. Starring Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks, “Better Call Saul” delves into the humorous and fascinating story of how a felonious scammer, “Slippin” Jimmy McGill (Odenkirk) morphs into the hard-working lawyer that is Saul Goodman.
As “Better Call Saul” ingeniously chronicles, Goodman evolves from a delinquent to a crafty, self-employed lawyer. His old, mischievous ways are subtly ingrained in his connections with law-breaking people. Odenkirk’s wry, hoarse voice perfectly meshes with his tireless efforts to succeed as a lawyer. Banks on the other hand, usually is the toughest, yet most modest old guy on the block. His fiery and emotional performance in the episode “Five-O” is truly a thrilling viewing experience.
“Better Call Saul’s” first season was a major success. From the creative camera angles, to the clear lighting, to the superb performances that Odenkirk and Banks churn out every episode, the show is a keeper.
Season 2 is expected to ramp up McGill’s transformation into Saul. Since the beginning of Season 1, McGill has been attempting to bury his colored past by stepping into an elite and respected profession, yet trouble still manages to find him.
Creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould will utilize Season 2 as a platform to further develop McGill’s character. As Season 1 concluded, McGill tells Mike (Banks) that if faced with the opportunity to acquire $800,000 again, he “would never make the same mistake in life.” Prepare to witness glimpses of the sly and conniving Saul Goodman in McGill’s ever-evolving character, as well as the consistently excellent writing and directing of Gilligan and Gould. Without Chuck to impress anymore, there is no reason for McGill to play by the rules now.
Overall, the audience should expect a Jimmy that is more equipped to take risks and reap the consequences for those risks. It should all make for some excellent television.