“Isaac’s balls” holds promising future

Isaacs balls holds promising future


Ben Shofet, Business Manager
“Isaac’s Balls” is senior Isaac Rabbanian’s latest KBEV production. The shows focus is on anything and everything related to the world of baseball.

Isaac's Balls
Photo courtesy of ISAAC RABBANIAN

Having been enrolled in KBEV for only one year, Rabbanian has already managed to produce three entirely different shows.
Out of his three shows, Rabbanian’s favorite and “most successful” show, “Isaac’s Balls” has already had three separate recordings.
“Basically, what I do is every episode I have guests who also have some background knowledge about baseball and then we just pretty much discuss what’s going on and their opinions on teams and their performances,” Rabbanian said.
With the MLB playoffs in action, Rabbanian’s latest episode was focused on discussing what various teams will need to be triumphant in the playoffs.
“Specifically we’ve been talking about the playoffs and what teams need to do in order to be successful in them,” Rabbanian said.
Some of Rabbanian’s guests have included Justin Hong and Oliver Binafard, both of whom are seniors. Binafard described his experience on the show “as a good time”.
“Isaac is a great friend and I always enjoy being on his show, it’s a lot of fun. I believe Isaac’s show has the potential to grow into something greater than where it is now, as long as he continues to stay committed to it, as well as continuing to bring me on as a guest,” senior Oliver Binafard said.
Rabannian’s hopes that in the future he can continue to create more episodes of “Isaac’s Balls” and ultimately have them aired on Channel 6.
“I’m gonna keep on having episodes; I’m planning on having one either Thursday or Friday,” Rabbanian said. “I’m going to talk to [Romeo] Carey because I’d like them to air, and I think they’re good enough to air and it’s definitely one of the better shows on KBEV.”