Normans promote pride



Isaiah Freedman staff writer
Lauren Hannani staff writer
Evan Minniti staff writer
As the school year progresses and the seasonal activities occur, our teams, teachers, electives and student organizations reflect pride while representing our school. One of the aspects of school pride is the relationship that grows among the members of a team. “I think the cheer team represents pride by not only the team as a whole, but each individual. Everyone puts in their own work, and strives to become better, but we also help each other out as teammates. Then when we hit the field, the court or the mat. We show the school how proud we are of all the hours spent perfecting each and every movement, and the trust we have in our own teammates by executing our best routine and showing the crowd how much we can do,” senior captain Emily Kogod said.

Not only does cheer have to physically perfect their skills, but they also make sure the social skills they have with each other are supportive and friendly. “I think we always try to help each other out with encouragement. We always tell the each other what a good job we do, and I think that’s where the pride starts. It starts by believing in yourself, and being proud of the things you can accomplish…Cheer wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the close bonds we have with each other,” Kogod said. Another sport that embodies pride is basketball. During games, the cheers reache ear-splitting levels as players make exciting plays. To varsity player junior Grant Gaon, their Norman pride brings him closer to his team. “I’m honored to be a part of one of the best programs in school. I cherish every moment with the squad. Everything we do to prepare ourselves for the season is all worth it when we hear our great fans, and I couldn’t be more happy to be a part of it. We appreciate everyone coming out to support us,” Gaon said. Additionally, the Associated Student Body (ASB) continually organizes activities to encourage school spirit. ASB member sophomore Jonathan Artal believes that these events help spread school pride for Beverly. “We try and hold periodic fun lunchtime events for the school. We try to encourage school-wide participation in these events. We really want to make the Beverly experience fun for everybody,” Artal said. “It’s definitely a new experience to see the turnout at events such as football games or pep rallies, and to see how you’re really part of a group that is bigger than yourself.’’ The band is a connected group, whether they are marching across the football field or performing in London. They provide our football games and other school activities with enthusiasm and encourage the student body to join into the spirit they create. “It’s good to have pride; it’s where you come from. For band, we all have to wear uniforms–all black, orange and white. I’m proud of what we do. We’re a really close group so it’s kind of like we are all marching together as a group instead of marching as individuals,” sophomore band member sophomore Judy Masutani said. Students are not the only ones amping up school pride. History teacher Dan Moroaica is constantly promoting school spirit with his “good morning” yells and extra credit opportunities. “Pride to me is something I believe people should have, but not in excess. Pride means that you respect your history, that you honor your present, and that you look forward to the future. Having pride in your school, for example, creates a stronger bond. Having pride in your sports teams creates connections across socioeconomic lines. Pride is what brings people together when sometimes that’s all they have,” Moroaica said. No matter if Beverly is losing or winning, the cheer team always strives to appreciate every single game as proud Normans. “Even if we are down by 40, or winning by 20, the cheer team will always be cheering for our teams,” Kogod said. “We yell with the players, jump for joy with the coaches, and hold our breaths just before that winning point. I know that cheer will always be proud to be a Norman, no matter if we are winners or not. Being a Norman, and showing this school how much we care by always showing support to our teams and everything they do, will always win in my book.”
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