Wild for WILD


Sivan’s EP, WILD, is available on iTunes for $4.95. Photo by: NATASHA DARDASHTI


Natasha Dardashti staff writer
It seems like every day a popular YouTuber is jumping onto the musical bandwagon. With hordes of fangirls willing to pay for anything their idols do, a harmonic voice isn’t necessary in the era of auto-tune. Of course, because I am a teenage girl who also tends to buy into pointless money-making schemes, I don’t like to buy into generalizations about other girls and the choices they make in fandoms. With this in mind, I decided to listen to Troye Sivan’s new EP (extended play) WILD. And what an amazing choice that was.
What I had expected for Sivan’s album was, well, exactly what his title of ‘YouTube celebrity’ called for. Something catchy, fun and exhausted by the radio. It was almost as if Sivan had known all expectations for himself, and contradicted every single one. With deeply thought out lyrics written by Sivan himself, WILD tells a story of passionate love, deep sadness and bitter rejection.
Though all of the EP is like auditory gold, “FOOLS” is a song that truly stands out. It is easy to understand why the song is most popular upon hearing it. The lyrics tell a story of how Sivan sees a possible life with someone, and though the lover has broken his heart, Sivan is still desperate for this person to love him. The music video for the song is second in a three part series Sivan has created to address homophobia, and the pressure homosexuals feel to change or hide their sexuality due to prejudice. “FOOLS” was memorable and original, something calming and begging for a replay.
“THE QUIET” and “BITE” were other personal favorites. Both stood out in almost the same way as FOOLS did, and were chilling in both the lyrics and melody.
For Sivan, this mood isn’t new to his discography. His previous chart-topper, “Happy Little Pill”, had the same aura. This 2014 song doesn’t sing of love, but instead, of drugs bringing color into a busy life. The songs on his new EP, in my opinion, have matured lyrics and beats in comparison to last year’s.
The new EP snuck in at number five on Billboard Top 200, similarly to his last EP, TRXYE, put out in 2014.
WILD is available on iTunes for $4.95.