Girls varsity lacrosse defeats Santa Monica in last game



Veronica Pahomova, staff writer
Girls varsity lacrosse emerged victorious over rival Santa Monica High School (SAMO) on April 29, a win the team has not been able to celebrate in recent years. Playing a dirty yet rewarding game, as player Sarabeth Tansey described, the team won 8-6. Not only was this much-celebrated game the team’s last home game of the year, but it was also the seniors’ last home game of their high school career.
Both Tansey and captain Brittany Mathalon described the win as an “amazing feeling,” especially since it was against their rivals. Tansey informed that the team had acceptable communication and kept each other focused when they needed it.
“This year we really stepped it up and it obviously paid off,”  said Mathalon. “I believe that our team played amazingly well. We all worked together and ‘beat them with kindness,’ as our coach Susan Kolko said.”
Mathalon has a lot of faith in the team’s future and thinks if the girls practice over the summer and work very hard, then the team will be able to win most of their games next year.
“I am very hopeful for the team’s future because we have a lot of talent and good chemistry. I know that we can improve and have an amazing season next year,” Tansey said.
However, the team’s success next year will have to arise without the help of their five seniors: Brittany Mathalon, Alyssa Thompson,Mishelle Arakelian, Sofia Adell and Nastazia Moshir.
“As a senior, I am very sad to leave the team,” Mathalon said. “I’m also excited to see what becomes of the team in future years.
After playing now with them for two years, Tansey has formed great relationships with her senior teammates.
“They are great athletes and leaders,” Tansey said. “They will be missed.”

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