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Guide to the 2016 ASB Elections

Guide to the 2016 ASB Elections

Below you will find candidates running opposed in the 2016-17 ASB elections. All of the positions not mentioned in this post are running unopposed. Students can vote through Jupiter Grades by clicking on the section “Tests and Lessons” section. Voting opened today and will close this Thursday.

Head Row President

Noah Lee 
Noah Lee
“I have an unparalleled, burning passion for making this school and the world a better place. I have experience working everyday serving the student body and I have a clear vision of how to transform this school for the better. By rallying around raising money for charity organizations, creating a clear ASB website for people to access our information and by transitioning effectively through construction, we can revolutionize the Norman nation and make this school better than ever before.”
Maytal Sarafian
Maytal Sarafian
“I deserve to be Head Row President because I am willing to do whatever it takes in order to make Beverly a more welcoming place. As Head Row President, I will constantly ask for feedback from the students, allowing me to get a wide range of opinions, and essentially adjust ASB’s purpose in response. As of now, I am working on many projects in order to increase student voice on campus, such as creating a Student/Teacher Relations position in ASB. The job of this representative would be to serve as a bridge between teachers and students, a task that cannot be accomplished in any way other than face-to-face communication. My goal by the end of next year is to create a community in which everyone can work together in order to accomplish a common goal- school wide unity.”

Student Board Member 

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Gabe Goldstein

“I am the best candidate due to my affiliation with the current board members. I have already fostered direct dialogue between the students of Beverly Hills High School and the school board. Having me as your Student Board Member I will be in a position to better inform students of important school policy decisions and the school administration will have a source of regular comprehensive feedback from the students affected by their policies. I believe that it is necessary for all students to have representation in the decisions that affect their education. If elected, I will be an integral part of having influence in decisions making.”
Sam Schwartz 
“I am running for the position of Student Board Member because I believe that every student’s voice should be given the opportunity to be heard. especially in a time of rapid change. Given the various administrative/faculty changes of recent times, along with the imminent start of construction. BHHS is now in a phase of near-unprecedented alterations. Throughout this period of change, I believe that it is crucial for students to retain influence on issues and policies such as graduation, construction plants, curriculum standards, etc., If elected Student Board Member, I will strive to ensure that students continue to be the main priority of the school board and of the district. I will work to make sure that there is an active dialogue between the students and the board.”
*Head Row Vice President, Head Row Secretary and Head Row Treasurer all ran unopposed

Senior President 

Ryan Neydavood 

“During the past three years I’ve been a part of ASB so I have a lot of experience. But that’s one thing. Doing productive and effective things are what matters. And during those three years in ASB, I’ve grown more and i feel that I have helped my peers grow more by getting things actually done. The number one thing for me is that I want to serve the community and my friends and my peers. It’s not about me, it’s about the associated student body coming together to serve the community.”
Jillian Dveirin 

“I feel like I deserve the position because I genuinely care about this school and the people in it. I know that people who go here and what they would like to see in our school. The main topic I would focus on is increasing school spirit and school participation and I think I have the capability to do this through my past leadership experience, dedication, and enthusiastic attitude.”

Senior Vice President

Evan Nehmadi 
“I will strive to make my class’ senior year the best that Beverly has ever seen. Not only am I determined to raise school spirit to unseen heights and increase participation in school events like color wars, but I will also dedicate myself to ensuring that Beverly’s winter formal and senior prom will go down in history as the most legendary events this school has ever thrown. The future is ours, Class of 2017. Let’s get it.”

 Lana Schwartz 
“I feel that I deserve the position of Senior Vice President because I am willing to work the hardest for the students. I want to notice tangible improvements next year. My goal is to increase the power of student opinion which is absolutely necessary for the upcoming transitional school year. I believe the leadership experience and skills I’ve developed through extracurriculars like soccer , DECA and non-profit organizations make me a capable candidate for fully accomplishing this goal.”
Senior Representative
Daniel Yun 
“I was born to do one thing, and that is to represent the senior class of 2017”
Greta Voci 

“High school brings tears, smiles and memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade, but as senior representative, I will help make those memories last forever”

Nate Anavim 

“I want to be able to speak out for my peers because I believe everybody should have a voice”

*Senior Treasurer is running unopposed.

*The entire junior row is running unopposed.

Sophomore President

Ryan Abrishami 

Abrishami did not respond in time for publishing.

Wesley Wu 

“I want to create the most fun events so that my grade can have a nice year. I know studying, homework and tests are very hard so I want to have events that will make people feel more relaxed.”

Sophomore Vice President

Sarah Yadidian 
“The Sophomore Vice President brings together the sophomore class. As Sophomore Vice President, I will create events that will make all sophomores feel like a part of BHHS. I will ensure that all students’ opinions and ideas will be listened to a brought back to ASB. My job is to give my class an amazing time at Beverly.
Kiana Sedighpour 
“Being a sophomore vice president is contributing different ideas and helping your grade with any ideas they want and to make those ideas happen and make those ideas become reality. And to make what they dream of happening at school and different events that they would enjoy, I would make it happen for them. If I win [sophomore vice president] I really want to talk to more kids in my grade and encourage them to come to more events and find out what they like so I can do if for them and I want our class to feel almost like a family, like as close as possible.”
Eli Boudaie 
“[The Sophomore Vice President] works with the ASB President in order to express what the sophomore class wants to accomplish and what they want to get done. The vice president’s job is to work with the head row president in order to make sure everyone’s voice is being heard. So as sophomore vice president, I want to make sure that all the problems that our sophomore class is facing will be addressed. All of the fun activities that people want to get done or ideas that the students have, I want to express that within the ASB class.”

Sophomore Representative

Cameron Weisfeld IMG_3337
“If I am elected I will make fun events, such as lunchtime pep rallies and will try to spread and raise spirit across the [sophomore] grade. I also will host events that not only sophomores will be a part of but all the other grades. I feel that many students don’t know what’s truly happening in school and will try to advertise events and make a mailbox where anyone can leave notes on what ideas they want to see happen.”
Brandon Noorvash 
“I plan to be a great role model to all sophomores and others as well. I will also take responsibility in creating plans and decisions to create great events in the future for our school.”
Nick Melamed 
“I want to make sure that every sophomore has a voice and that their opinions are valued in this school. I also want to increase participation in school events, because school spirit is vital to every school.”
Estella Rosen 
“I think there are a lot of things we can work on as a school, such as more spirit and having a closer connection to our school. I think it would be great if everyone could feel connected to their school as opposed to it being a place you are forced to go to. Eventually, my goal is to be onHead Row so I’m looking forward to making that happen.”
Rebecca Newman 
“Rebecca Newman: If I get elected for sophomore representative in ASB I want to engage the Sophomore class like never before by hosting unique events that cater to the sophomore class. I’d also offer a new perspective when planning events like spirit weeks, dress up days, pep rallies, food trucks and more. Ultimately, I want to increase school spirit through my every action and allow us all to make the most of our high school years.”

Seth Pizurro

Pizurro did not respond in time for publishing.


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