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Your three new members of the BHUSD Board of Education (left to right): Noah Margo, Amanda Stern (top right) and Mary Wells (bottom right).

Three candidates fill seats after BHUSD Board of Education elections

Highlights November 18, 2020

Candice Anvari staff writer Split reporting with Will Harris, staff writer and Gina Toore, staff writer     Three candidates were voted into the BHUSD Board of Education as polls came to a close...

Your 2020 candidates for BHUSD Board of Education (left to right):
Top Row: Amanda Stern (above), Donna Tryfman (below), Noah Margo, Robin Rowe.
Bottom Row: Frank Chechel, Benjamin Liker, Mary Wells.

A Guide to the 2020 BHUSD Board of Education Elections

Highlights October 31, 2020

Alya Mehrtash co-editor-in-chief Eva Levin copy editor Candice Anvari staff writer Emma Newman staff writer Defne Onal staff writer Gina Toore staff writer Will Harris staff...

Image courtesy of NSPA Flickr Archive, Eric Fang

Editorial: Proposition 18 provides much-needed equal platform for all eligible voters

Highlights October 30, 2020

Eighteenth birthdays are big milestones for many reasons. For many Americans, one of the most important reasons is the new ability to vote and directly influence the decision on who should be running our...

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Political Picnic episode four: Democrats beat Republican incumbents in Virginia, Kentucky elections

Highlights November 12, 2019

Catherine Gagulashvili co-editor-in-chief Ava Seccuro co-editor-in-chief Alya Mehrtash staff writer This is the fourth episode of the Political Picnic podcast, in which we discuss hot button...

Photo courtesy of The Beverly Hills Courier

School Board voting guide

Highlights November 5, 2018

Sam Bernstein managing editor Alya Mehrtash staff writer Ava Seccuro staff writer   As impending midterm elections take place on Nov. 6, voters have the ability to familiarize themselves...

Street intersection of midterm elections

Street intersection of midterm elections

Highlights November 2, 2018

Catherine Gagulashvili copy editor Mikaela Rabizadeh media editor Rinesa Kabashi staff writer Resurgence of voting CHICAGO, Illinois — Midterm elections are around the corner -- and the Highlights staff...

Interact Club, Teen BHEF plan for school board candidate forum

Highlights September 21, 2018

Alya Mehrtash staff writer In the upcoming midterm elections on Nov. 6, parents, staff and even some students will be able to cast their votes for different city positions, including two seats in the BHUSD...

ASB Headrow debates conclude week

ASB Headrow debates conclude week

Highlights April 30, 2018

Priscilla Hopper media manager Ben Dahan news editor The 11th grade Headrow candidates for the upcoming ASB election debated topics including campus culture and event planning on Friday, April 27. The...

ASB holds candidate forum for freshman elections

ASB holds candidate forum for freshman elections

Highlights December 14, 2017

Jamie Kim co-editor-in-chief A moderated caucus featuring freshman candidates was held on Tuesday, Dec. 12, at the Jon Cherney Lecture. The public forum for candidates running for elected positions was...

Guide to the 2016 ASB Elections

Guide to the 2016 ASB Elections

Highlights May 17, 2016

Below you will find candidates running opposed in the 2016-17 ASB elections. All of the positions not mentioned in this post are running unopposed. Students can vote through Jupiter Grades by clicking...

Upcoming election brings attention to lack of student participation in politics

Highlights November 4, 2014

Amanda Christovich, staff writer Eleanor Bogart-Stuart, staff writer Today, Nov. 4, many eligible voters of Beverly Hills and beyond will sport their patriotic “I Voted!” stickers after participating...

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