Paley Center entertains with nostalgic “South Park” experience



Jason Harward, staff writer
“But maaaaaam, I want to go to the “South Park” exhibit at the Paley Center.”
It’s more than just a comedy. “South Park” has been a dynamic force for the last 20 years. It challenges norms and sets trends, all through a group of four kids living life in South Park, Colorado.
To celebrate the 20th season, the Paley Center for Arts and Media, on 465 N. Beverly Drive, decided to create life-size, three-dimensional models of the characters we have come to love. And it is amazing. Take a picture in front of a PC bros crime scene. Engulf yourself in Satan’s throne. Or, just stand and watch endless “South Park” episodes on monitors scattered throughout the exhibit.
The Paley Center is open from Wednesday-Sunday, 12-5 p.m. The exhibit is open until this Sunday.
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