Ice Cream: Ranking best and worse parlors in LA



Isaiah Freedman Sports Editor
After a brief tug of war with frozen yogurt, the ice cream craze is back and better than ever. Finding quality creamy delights around Los Angeles is easier than it has ever been, however there are still some mediocre to yucky parlors. Here is a listing of the best ice cream parlors in LA, right down to the worst. Creamy confection lovers-rejoice! Vegans look away.
#1 Sweet Rose Creamery
225 26th St. Los Angeles
A small parlor snuggled into the Brentwood Country Mart, Sweet Rose prides itself on serving   ice cream flavors containing in-season fruits or vegetables. During the blazing hot days of summer, one will find sweet Summer Corn, Peaches and Cream and Plum hand-written across the signature black chalkboard of a menu. While each individual ice cream is delicious, the sundaes are creme de la creme. With a choice of two ice cream flavors scooped at the bottom, some rich hot fudge, fresh whipped cream and slivers of almonds, Sweet Rose’s sundaes trump all.
Must have: Make Your Own Sundae $7.99
#2 Milk
7290 Beverly Blv, Los Angeles
While considered mostly an ice cream parlor, Milk is like killing two birds with one stone for all you sugar-tooths out there. Not only are there a dozen ice cream flavors in old-fashioned bins, there are also tasty ice cream sandwiches, gooey chocolate chip cookies, sugary cinnamon cookies, soft red velvet cupcakes and tart blueberry muffins. The place is underrated for only being known as an ice cream shop, but it is also an entire bakery.
Must have: Mint Chip ice cream cookie $3.99
#3 Beverly Hills Hotel Coffee Shop
9641 Sunset Blv, Beverly Hills
The coffee shop is mostly a diner; they serve burgers and fries and all that kind of food. However, they hand-make their ice cream there, and their coffee chip ice cream is the best in LA. The beans are freshly ground in house (or hotel) and the product is just a ridiculously rich, creamy and distinct coffee-flavored ice cream. Alas, due to ownership with the hotel not supporting gay marriage, I have decided not to go there anymore.
Must have: Coffee Ice cream (shocker) $7.99
#4 Salt and Straw
829 E. 3rd St. Los Angeles
The Portland-based ice cream shop is expanding rapidly across the globe, and it has already hit Venice beach in Los Angeles. Owner Kim Malek prides herself on experimenting with the wackiest ice cream flavors you have never heard of. Nowhere else are you going to spot Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper, Pear and Blue Cheese and Avocado flavored ice cream on a menu. Some of Malek’s inventions turn out marvelous and original, while others end up tasting like rotten garbage. However, there is a great chance that if you go to Salt and Straw, you will fall in a love with a flavor you had not even known existed, such as those listed above.
Must have: Sea Salt and Caramel Ribbon (sea salt imported from Guatemala, caramel made in-house) $3.75
#5 Carmela
7920 W 3rd St.
Carmela is one of the creamiest velvety ice cream stands. Like some other parlors, Carmela prides itself on only making in-season ice cream flavors. They boast a really rich and succulent Salted Caramel as well as a Brown Sugar Vanilla Bean that melt in your mouth. Extra points since it is located right next to a cool Swedish candy shop.
Must have: Lavender Honey ice cream $4.75
#6 Sprinkles Ice Cream
9631 S Santa Monica Blv, Beverly Hills
Sprinkles is mostly known for their cupcakes, and they use that to their advantage. Since the two shops are right next to each other on Little Santa Monica, the ice cream shop takes advantage of all the cupcakes at its disposal. The end result is some delicious ice cream sandwiches. Bonus points for the Andy Warhol quotes plastered across the wall and the posting of Thomas Jefferson’s ice cream recipe.
Must have: Chocolate chip cookie sandwich with vanilla bean $3.75
#7 McConnell’s
317 S Broadway
The shop has a couple locations, most notably a stand in the Grand Central Market. A huge draw is they make their crispy waffle cones right in front of you, and they taste like the buttery delights they are. The ice cream is soft and decadent and has a variety of flavors. The excellent cones bring it over the top.
Must have: Boysenberry Rose Milk Jam $2.50
#8 Ice Cream Lab
9461 S Santa Monica Blv, Beverly Hills
They started the liquid nitrogen trend in which the ice cream is made in seconds. It’s a bit of a gimmick, but it’s also really cool and results in the freshest ice cream possible. They do not have that many flavors on the menu and they made an icky change to their coffee recipe. It wins the battle of the unofficial liquid nitrogen ice cream wars.
Must have: Salt Lick Crunch
#9 Baskin Robbins
1800 S Robertson Blv
Raise your hand if you remember getting a haircut at Tipperary, then walking around the block to lick some tasty ice cream at Baskin Robbins? I do. Sadly, that is just a memory, since Tipperary has relocated and Baskin Robbins has closed. But on behalf of the few left, “31 Flavors” has succumbed to the dark side in that they now use high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar. The result is over sweetened ice cream that just makes me miss how it used to taste.
Must have- Vanilla $1.79
#10 Creamistry
253 S Beverly Drive
The “ice cream” tastes like artificial cotton candy. It takes forever, is overpriced and is just plain bad. I have never hated ice cream more than after I had this.
There is no must have on this menu. The only must you should do is not to come here.