“The Servant of Two Masters” primed to bring improv and hilarity to theatre



Max Yera co-editor-in-chief 
The Theatre Arts Workshop (TAW) will open its first of four productions of “The Servant of Two Masters” tonight at 7 p.m.
The play, an 18th century Italian comedy, follows Truffaldino as he agrees to serve two masters and, in doing so, becomes immersed in a tale of confusion and mayhem.
Florindo Aretusi, a flamboyant master whom Truffaldino offers his services, is played by junior and veteran TAW actor Solomon Margo.
“In the past I have played a disobedient stoner, a knight, a young boy who takes on the part of a woman, a hare, an adventurer, and now we are exploring the world of commedia dell’arte,” Margo said.
This “world of commedia dell’arte” is often characterized by its improvisational tone.
“This show is different than any other performance,” junior Lauren Aviram, who plays Clarice, said. “It has elements of improv, and, compared to ‘Pericles,’ there is a lot more freedom regarding how we move and talk on stage.”
The improv “Servant” permits, and contrasting it with TAW’s last play “Pericles,” has allowed the actors involved to demonstrate their range of talents.
“Our goal in putting on this show was to show the contrast in the work we are capable of as a theatre group,” junior Daniel Kohanbash, who plays Sylvio, said. “The idea of ‘Servant’ is very different than that of ‘Pericles,’ which is different than our upcoming musical, ‘25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.’ We are all actors who are capable of playing different characters.”
Beyond the element of improvisation, “Servant” has often been characterized as a play notable for its comedic value.
“People should come to laugh their butts off; the show is absolutely hilarious,” Kohanbash said.
The play will be performed in the Salter Family Theatre tonight through Saturday (Jan. 19-21) and on Monday, Jan. 23. Tickets cost $10 for general admission, $8 for students, and $5 if you have an ASB card.