Symphonic Band members perform at the California All-State Music Education Conference


Veronica Pahomova co-editor-in-chief
Symphonic band members bassoonist Yunchao Zhang and oboist Julie Park performed with the All-State High School Symphonic Band at the seventh annual California All-State Music Education Conference (CASMEC) from Feb. 16 to 19.
The performance was held at the Fairmont Hotel and the San Jose Convention Center, and brought great honor to both the participants and their band director, Bill Bradbury.
“It was a really amazing experience, representing our school and state. It was an honor to be in the band,” Park said.
She attributes the success of the performance to her selected CASMEC members and her cFullSizeRenderonductor’s method of teaching.
“I think part of the reason our performance was so great was because everyone wanted to be there, learning. But the conductor’s job wasn’t to teach us the music. That was our job. It was to teach us how to connect with each other and to play from our hearts. This is what made it really special,” Park said. “[Our All-State band conductor] wanted us to become better musicians. The performance would come as a result.”
In order to be accepted into the elite and selective honor band, both Park and Zhang had to practice, play scales and submit excerpts and audio recordings to the program.
In regard to the audition, Bradbury remarked, “I think this, for both of them, is a tremendous honor…they took the time to audition and they were recognized for their musicianship.”
Zhang, much like Bradbury, recognizes the privilege that he and Park share.
“It definitely is an honor. You’re surrounded by great musicians from all around California. It’s a really great environment to be in,” Zhang stated.
Overall, Bradbury commends their placement and performance, as well as states that these two individuals’ successes illustrate the potential for his own department.
“I’m sure for them it was a great experience to work with California’s finest peers and students their age,” Bradbury said. “I think it reflects where the performing arts program is going for Beverly Hills High School.”