Logic expresses racial pride in ‘Everybody’



AJ Wolken staff writer
Logic, the 27 year old biracial rapper from Maryland, released his third official album, Everybody on Friday. The album is the best of his career, as he introduces creative beats and big names such as Khalid and J Cole to express that he is proud to be biracial.
Logic’s previous two albums, “The Incredible True Story” and “Bobby Tarantino, centered on his journey and expectations throughout his career as a rapper, and “Everybody” continues that theme as Logic expresses his cultural pride.
Logic has a unique sound as a rapper, but has recently lost his originality. He resembles the sound of Kendrick Lamar in a way, and it had begun to get old. His recent songs had been repetitive, boring beats with repetitive tempo and boring rap. But Everybody is different, as all 11 producers on the album deliver unique beats, and Logic explores his slower tempo in songs such as “1-800-273-8255” and “Mos Definitely.” But Logic consistently delivers in his Kendrick Lamar-esque style through the hit songs, “Everybody” and “Black Spiderman.” “Black Spiderman” was released before the album with a music video and turns out to be the best song on the album. It incorporates a catchy, original piano beat, as Logic raps about how great his life is and how liberating it is to be biracial. The final song of the album is about 12 minutes of pure rap, and its title, “AfricAryaN,” captures how Logic feels as a biracial man.
Everybody maintains an upbeat, joyful tone from start to finish, as Logic proves himself once again to be a prominent member of the hip-hop community. Like J Cole and Kendrick Lamar, Logic is a talented lyricist and he applies this skill to the fresh new beats on Everybody to make it one of the top rap albums of 2017.