Girls’ varsity volleyball wins first preseason home game (Slideshow)



Marguerite Alberts, Staff Writer

The varsity girls’ volleyball team played the Falcons of Crescenta Valley High School in the first preseason home game. Beverly won three of the four games played, helping them win the match on Thursday.

This is Coach Ricks’s first year coaching high school volleyball.

“I think we played well. I think our defense struggled in game two, but we fought for it and we continued to go after every point,” Ricks said.

During the second game, the crowd started cheering very loudly in support of the Normans as they were losing 18-14. The entire crowd began to cheer, “Let’s go Normans!” In response, Crescenta Valley’s JV volleyball team began to spur their team on. It turned into a cheering competition.

Shyra Costas said, “It was so invigorating. It was crazy.”

The crowd cheered so loudly that the referee had to ask Ricks to tell the crowd to settle down. The referee told the coach that the crowd could not interrupt the play with their shouting.

The Normans lost the second game despite the crowd’s support, but the team managed to win its next two games. In the third game, Beverly quickly took a hold on the lead and held on, winning the game with a  final score of 25-14. In the last game, the Falcons and the Normans were neck-to-neck until Beverly won.

“I know the fans think its fun for them but it helps us so much. We really need to thank our fans, they helped us win,” Costas said.