Day N Night hits a home run at Angel’s Stadium



Priscilla Hopper media manager
AJ Wolken staff writer
Day N Night shines in second annual festival
After a chaotic first year of poor organization and logistical issues, there was much speculation about the success of this year’s Day N Night music festival held at the Angel’s Stadium in Orange County.
The festival, presented by Revolt, surprised every ticket holder donning a pink wristband by showcasing one of the most gifted rap, hip-hop and R&B line-ups ever seen. The festival, headlined by Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar was a three-day explosion of great performances and even more energetic crowds.
The three-day event featured irreplaceable talent, but as many music festivals do, the performers were divided among three stages. Because of this, it is crucial to attend every day of the festival, or any music festival for that matter.
Each day the mosh pits got more violent, the crowds got bigger and the music got better. The food options were adequate, and like most music festivals water was vital, so even in fluctuating 79-89 degree weather, water was always available.
Day N Night definitely overtook Camp Flog Gnaw as a music festival, and may have had more hype than Coachella 2017. It looks to be a promising young festival that has not only generated the massive amount of buzz it takes to have three of the most popular rappers in the industry headlining, but also created memorable experiences for every music lover who attended.
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