Teenage CEO refashions shopping through personalized app



Priscilla Hopper media manager
Fixed on shopping and dressing “fresh,” senior Joseph Azizi created his own company and app, DealMe. The user is able to filter his or her searches by gender, favorite stores and restaurants and radius in which he or she would like to travel. DealMe then allows the shopper to search and pick specific locations to shop. It also automatically tracks and searches each store that offers sales within its database.
Although Azizi is juggling his aspirations to become a surgeon, staying fit with his black belt in karate and training the newest employees at Sprinkles Cupcakes on a weekly basis, he manages to find time to be the CEO of his own company.
“I love shopping and I love saving money, so why not do both?” Azizi said. “I was always missing out on sales all the time, and one day I thought, ‘I wish there was something to notify me about all the new deals.’”
Azizi’s proactive attitude pushed him to find a solution to his own shopping problem that would ultimately offer easy access to sales for all shoppers.
“The worst part about having a great idea is not going through with that idea, so we always follow through. For example, let’s say it’s Black Friday, and you’re walking down Third Street Promenade. You would get notifications of all the participating stores with a sale around you. It is just a great way to explore a new city and save money too,” Azizi said.
Tirelessly working with his brother, who serves as the vice president, and a mutual friend who is an investor, Azizi has created this new way of shopping.
“To be honest with you, my investor, my brother and I just make an A-Team,” Azizi said. “I love starting new things and starting new projects, and what I love more than that, is being successful about it.”
Azizi’s friends have also noticed his industrious and hardworking diligence.
“Joseph Azizi is the one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. From working hard in school to working hard at his job, he always gets everything done perfectly. I really respect that about him,” Sprinkles Cupcakes co-worker senior Julian Guilani said.
Integrating new technology and faster services for his users, Azizi felt it necessary to utilize the most efficient deal-shopping process.
“It’s 2017; who checks their emails to sign up for newsletters anymore? And even when you do sign up, you end up unsubscribing. But finally there is an app to do it for you,” Azizi said.
With popular brands and eateries like Zara, Urban Outfitters, Apple, Audi, Barney’s New York, Adidas and California Pizza Kitchen flowing through DealMe, Azizi is “on a rocket flying straight to the moon.”  While similar apps like Groupon and RetailMeNot give Azizi competition, these big name companies do not frighten him and his patented product.
“I have had a couple people doubt this and say ‘Do you think you’ll get shut down by the bigger companies?’ but the reality is, we just signed a partnership deal with Groupon so we will soon be integrating ideas into both companies,” Azizi said with a grin. “I am really excited about that.”
Motivation is key for Azizi and his “A-Team.” After receiving over 100 downloads on their first day in the App Store alone, Azizi pushed himself to continue believing in the success of his newly developed brand.
“The company will be set on a more personal level, strategically constructed on a platform that would ensure efficiency on discounts and savings for people with all kinds needs—ultimately becoming the go-to on finding deals,” older brother to Joseph and partner of DealMe, Jacob Azizi said.
DealMe sprouted from the minds of two frugal fashion-loving brothers, and now the app has close to 1,000 downloads.
“We achieved our goal by releasing the app this month. We turned a vision into reality,” Joseph said. “I love helping people. I just love making them smile. What’s a better way to do that than saving them money?…besides giving them cupcakes.”