ASB holds candidate forum for freshman elections



Jamie Kim co-editor-in-chief
A moderated caucus featuring freshman candidates was held on Tuesday, Dec. 12, at the Jon Cherney Lecture.
The public forum for candidates running for elected positions was the first ever held by ASB, and it plans on making this a tradition for any future election.
“In the past, for all of our elected members, there was no clear debate or assembly, which we should have for people to hear [candidates’] ideas. So, we wanted to start with the freshman class and build upon that so that when next semester’s election comes, other people will have an open forum for upcoming elections,” ASB Head Row President Maia Yosef said.
During this forum, candidates for freshman representative, treasurer, vice president and president had time to read their speeches and answer ASB’s and audience members’ questions.
Freshman Nicole Boudaie, who attended the forum, believes that the event helped her cast her votes.
“[The forum] helped me get a better understanding on what their goals are and how they want to help our school,” Boudaie said.
ASB Head Row Vice President and co-moderator of the forum Ryan Abrishami saw today’s forum as a good starting point for succeeding elections.
“I think for the first time having this moderated debate/speech session, I was very glad with the outcome. The responses that they had were answers that I think any upperclassmen would give. They were adequate, well thought,” Abrishami said. “We’re going to continue to have these moderated sessions for future elections, so I think it was a really good example.”