Administration, police address possible campus safety concerns



Priscilla Hopper media manager
AJ Wolken staff writer
On Thursday, Feb. 22, Principal Mark Mead released a statement regarding the allegations that a student was implying threats to the BHHS campus through social media.
“We have been made aware of a possible threat on social media and have investigated. At this point there is no credible evidence of any such post. After investigation in conjunction with BHPD [Beverly Hills Police Department], we have no reason to believe that any threat exists for the high school,” the email read. “However, as an extra precaution, we will have extra security around the campus and school will be open on its regular schedule for Friday, February 23.”
BHPD Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli assured the community that the situation is under control.
“Although there is currently no evidence of any threat to the school or students, we are treating this as a very serious and urgent matter,” the message reads. “At this time, the Police Department has found no evidence of any threat towards the high school.
BHPD reportedly has “at least 100 different parents and students” contacting them regarding the concern.
“At this time, we can be confident there is no threat to the school,” Spagnoli wrote. “We have received one Instagram story, which does not meet the criteria for a criminal threat The investigation has revealed that the existence of a second post is unconfirmed.”
Concerned students and parents turned to social media outlets including Snapchat and Facebook to make the community aware of the possible threat.
Due to fear, many students turned to their friends and classmates to discuss if they would be present at school for Friday, Feb 23. Numerous students have made clear on social media that they may not be attending school due to personal unease.
“I still do not feel safe. The situation seems all too similar to what happened last week in Florida,” a senior at BHHS said. “To combat that lack of communication, us students have called the police, spoken in person to admin, emailed admin and even texted teachers in order to get more clarification. We are stronger than others think.”
Recently, administration has looked closer into the school’s procedures in the event of an emergency. The school conducted a lockdown drill on Tuesday, Feb. 20 and has done repeated tests of the PA systems necessary for a successful lockdown.
BHPD continues to monitor the situation and “encourages anyone with firsthand knowledge regarding this matter (i.e., something you have personally seen or heard),” to immediately contact them at (310) 550-4951.
*To be continued and further investigated by the Highlights newspaper staff