Clubs recruit at Club Fair



Brenda Mehdian, staff writer
The second floor patio was bustling on Tuesday, Sept. 26 as students signed up for clubs at the school’s annual club fair.
Clubs such as Earthlings, Community Service Club, Teens Cure Cancer, R.A.G.E. and more all pined to get as many number of sign ups as possible. Club members even used other tactics when it came to advertising their clubs to fellow peers.
“We had student board members walk around campus personally explaining the organization’s goals to the students. We had ‘mobile sign ups’ because many will not come to you if you do not go to them,” Teens Curing Cancer club creator and junior Yaniv Sadka said.
Stands and booths were set up around the second floor patio so that students could see what each club was about and members could spread the word about their cause.
“I think that the club fair was successful, it really allowed the clubs to get themselves known around campus and throughout the student body. My club had over one hundred sign ups, which I think is an amazing result,” creator of Stomp Out Bullying Teen Advocates Club and junior Danielle Nisim.
Club day also opened the eyes of new students who may not have known about the clubs that are available at school.
“As a freshman, I really wanted to get involved in as many things as possible. Going to the club fair was really helpful because I was able to see all the clubs that I could join. I was able to see which clubs interested me the most,” freshman Chloe Aftalion said.
In order to create a club, one must have attended a meeting that was held in ASB Advisor Loren Newman’s classroom, where rules were discussed with potential club leaders. Students were then required to create a club constitution in which club leaders, such as presidents, vice-president, secretaries, and treasurers were listed and a sponsor’s signature was provided as well. Approved clubs set up a stand or booth where they were able to advertise their clubs and causes.
“The process for creating a club was extremely simple. All one needed to do was have a clear and good idea for what they wanted their club to be about, and to make sure that a few papers were turned in on time,” Sadka said.
According to Newman, the club fair created an incredible buzz and the students seemed to get involved.